Software for server can also be used on laptops 

HARDWARE DECODING & OPTIMIZED RENDERGraphics card accelerates decoding process and require less from your laptop

T1 adopted hardware decoding techlonigy

Lower cpu utilization

Make full use of laptop configuration

Balance system load

Won't stuck when loading video

Automatic stitch and fiuseT1 collocate with server\\\'s Multi-port graphics card to stitch and fuse multi-channel output automatically

T1 supports Automatic stitch and fiuse

regardless its pathways

T1 supports high resolution pixel to

pixel display

Variety of Materials

BACKUP PLANT1 can combine two servers

Demostration of eight dynamic layersSupports running 8 dynamic layers at the same time. Supports infinite static layer

Dynamic layer:

layers on which exsit video/NDI/PPT...  

static layer:

layers on which exsit picture/subtitle/timer...

Planned programmingT1 uses planned programming,simplify the steps,three steps only. Lower learning difficulty,raise working efficiency

Emulational Screen ManaementLED Actual layout and T1 screen management

Split&reorganize graphics card port at your will

Simulate actual layout of LED screen

Realize non-tranditional complex LED screen layout


T1 support two modes od editting----PVW & PGW ,SWITH MODES WITH ONE CLICK

Not only can it adapt to the live fast-tempo,but also can it meet needs of organizer