Focusing on the development, production and sales of hardware and software products in video image field
Has a number of international authoritative certification and product invention patents

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You've selected to be a Beijing drifter, for the large space and high salary.

However, you find you're nothing but one among the dense crowd in Beijing.

When the next Pharaoh ordered TESLA, and classmate Xiaoming was promoted to Director, you became confused and unreconciled .

You are lying in bed, closing your eyes and seeing the darkness.

Who said you can only choose mediocrity in Beijing? Everyone could make intense efforts even not young!

The accompanying with us may be arduous, and hard-working, exploring in darkness, bumpy in thorns...

However, you'll accomplish both success and fame once arrived!

Send in your resume, and open your eyes, you'll see the future.

Join us:

Good salary, insurance and housing fund, high-end office environment, transparent promotion space, sound year-end bonus, internal skill training, free afternoon tea...

We're expecting your participation!


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