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Brand Introduction

The naming and logo of Kommander has fully embodied its valued disposition. The naming of "Kommander" is derived from the English word "Commander", while letter "K" in the logo is shaped like a caduceus, symbolizing the supreme power and influence, and the unlimited strength. "K" is the first letter of the company's English name KYSTAR, while letter "C" is replaced with letter "K", in this way, the road of inheritance and development of the brand gene has rolled out.


Kommander team persists in creating values for customers with constant technological innovation. The newly launched multimedia player system - Kommander series, is created especially for various high-end requirements of LED industry, and is widely used in various large projects such as urban planning exhibition hall, national demonstration base, large railway station control room etc. Depending on the increasingly strengthened innovative ability, outstanding customization ability, excellent special service ability and improving delivery ability, Kommander has won the trust of customers of the globe!


Development of our products is based on knowing the needs of our customers and create every single piece with passion, professionalism and caution, with a strong sense of social responsibility. We firmly believe that only advanced technology, refined products ,professional service and reliable solutions can achieve success in this industry and we see that as our mission and goal.

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